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Massage Services


Swedish massage is a soft tissue-relaxation-full body massage. This session offers blissful, nurturing experiences which rejuvenate you and allows you to leave your stress and anxiety behind. Swedish massage techniques offer relaxation, with a lighter touch to leave you feeling “grounded”  and "recharged" with a full-body connection. Soothe your mind and body with this massage therapy session, that will always be customized for your individual needs.


A therapeutic massage session can be a full-body session or can focus on specific areas like the back, neck, hips or legs. This work is designed to release your deeper muscle layers and provide relief from acute or chronic pain patterns, while assessing the cause of your discomfort. As a result, muscle tension and toxins are released allowing blood and oxygen to circulate properly. Techniques in this session may include: deep tissue, trigger points, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques. Each massage session will be unique.


Sports massage helps improve athletic performance & recovery time, allowing the athlete to train at a higher level of intensity and less chance of injury. This is a valuable component of training for new or seasoned athletes.

I can address the whole body, but target muscle groups that are specific to your sport. A sports massage may combine deep tissue, trigger points, stretching and some relaxation techniques to improve your flexibility, mobility and improve functional outcomes. Every  session is specific to your individual needs, goals and beneficial for your on-going maintenance.


30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $65

90 minutes - $100

Add-ons to a massage: Cupping or Hot Stones - $10

Offsite Locations starting at $75/60-Minutes and $110/90-Minutes (email for details and availability)

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